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Velyen: Soluciones en equipamiento de taller


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Automechanika Frankfurt Velyen 2016


Velyen exhibited in Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 to consolidate their export base as quality manufacturer of automotive lifting.

• Already exporting more than 50% of their lifts to more than 40 countries and with Uk and Mexico as subsidiaries
• Velyen presented:
o As Active member of European Association (EGEA) latest trends that will be applied for the coming review EN1493 vs 2017.
o New hydraulic 4 Tns model EC16 100% design and manufacturing in Spain.
o New standardized arm locking systems, more robust (1500N without permanent deformation and 2250N without breakage) with lower tooth pitch and axle locks diam. 22 mm.
o New wireless control torch for axle play detector (Standard factory-equipped).
o New double scissor lift higher and wider.
o Restyling vullkollan pads (manufactured in Spain), diam 120mm.

Velyen has just manufactured 306 heavy-duty 25 Tns lift, worldwide patented fully electro hydraulic safety (no air & no spindles).

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