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Velyen is providing the best lifting solutions for trucks, buses & forklift:

  • 4 post commercial lifts up to 30 Tn
  • Scissor-lifts for HD
  • Customized equipment for Forklifts

4-post Heavy-Duty lifts

Platform length availability: 6.3m , 6.8m , 8.0m , 9.2m
Load availability: 8Tn , 12Tn , 16Tn , 25Tn , 30Tn

ANSI 30.000 Lbs = 12Tn CE 4ED0700

ANSI 40.000 Lbs = 18Tn CE 4ED0760

ANSI 50/60.000 Lbs = 25/30Tn CE 4ED0800

See here how our engineers do the Safety Control Test on our 4-post 25ton lift:

Not many manufacturers offer a solution of heavy duty lifting, a total success!

These vehicle lifts are manufactured 100% in Spain, with a superb quality, and supplied to more than 40 countries.

Our heavy duty 4 post commercial lifts; worldwide patented fully electro hydraulic safety (no air and no spindles).

Year after year, orders continue to come in for this lift…


  • Because it’s electro-hydraulic in operation (with cables, pulleys & pins)
  • Because there are no noisy spindles or gearboxes to go wrong!!!!
  • Because it’s fitted with a patented safety system meaning no air supply required.
  • Because it’s manufactured 100% in Spain
  • Because it’s very reliable.
  • Because it’s very competitively priced.

Heavy-Duty scissor-lifts:

Platform length availability: 6 m , 7 m
Load availability: 9Tn, 13Tn, 25Tn

Also, available 30t and 40t capacity

Special lift for Forklifts

Load availability: 12Tn