Velyen Lifting Table

Velyen manufacturing by Spain Premium 4EE119 – Eco 4EE0118



Eco model 4EE1180 avalaible, provided with a drawbar instead of lifting bar


Technical Features


  1. Velyen’s platform is provided with a grid hole pattern, lifting table for special tools with 10mm holes every 100mm for a universal use.
    (customized manufacturing depending on OEM dealer)
  2. Velyen’s platform can be tilted in 4D, up + down + both sides + inclination by 35mm.
  3. Maximum lifting capacity of 1200 Kg or 1400 Kg as two options.
  4. Made 100% in Spain, high quality and reliability.
  5. Velyen’s lifting table is provided with a mechanical lifting drawbar for greater comfort in unloading 600 Kg battery.
  6. Large extendable platform 1756-2066mm i.e. +310mm extensible.
  7. Free space between the floor and the base is 230mm, which is required by some EU manufacturers.
  8. Both sides are supplied with handles to move the suspended table in any direction.