Look at the hydraulic 2-post lifts in the market.
Most of them must change cables every 3 or 5 years.

Layer 1

  • While other hydraulic 2-post lifts must change cables, chains or pulleys every 3 years, the VELYEN 4EC1600 has no component susceptible to wear and tear such us cables and chains.
  • While the installation of other hydraulic 2-post takes an average of 8h, the Velyen 4EC1600 will be installed in less than 4h
  • While the hydraulic 2-post are based on a double-independent-cylinder system with individual bleeding with cables or chain, the Velyen 4EC1600 is based on a double-effect double cylinder with automatic bleeding

Layer 2

  • Less maintenance and excellent durability, always complying with 2020 standards.
  • Thanks to our new hydraulic system, the lift has no component susceptible to wear and tear such as cables, pulleys and chains.
  • No electronic devices, avoiding adjustments during the maintenance.
  • It is quicker to install, new design arm locking system and patented CE 2020 system.
  • New system for bleeding the hydraulic system.

Layer 3